What to do before a blocked inheritance?

What to do before a blocked inheritance?

In López Morueco Lawyers we will explain you  the procedure to unblock the inheritance due to the lack of agreement of the heirs, without the need to go to court.

Faster and cheaper.

Due to the regulation of succession in Spain, it is sadly common for families to be doomed to not be able to distribute the inheritance, creating a situation of blockade and prolonged confrontation over time.

It is usual to know of cases in which an inheritance can not be divided, because the agreement between the heirs is not reached, or because there is agreement, only one of the heirs prevents it, canceling the rest.

The inheritance in Spain unfortunately requires that all the heirs accept, without it being enough for a majority, which means that problems occur with absolute frequency.

Before the entry into force of the Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction 15/2015, when an inheritance was blocked it was necessary to go to the court, which involved a very high cost both in the economic and in the processing time is concerned.

Now thanks to this new Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction, there is the possibility of resolving the conflict in the distribution of the inheritance by going to the Notary, which simplifies and lowers the costs.

Thus, for example, in an inheritance in which we have three brothers as heirs, provided that there is agreement between two of them, we can go to this notarial channel. 

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