Lawyers in Torrevieja

Lawyers in Torrevieja

Our group of lawyers in Torrevieja work to provide a high quality legal service, guiding and advising our domestic and international clients during those important moments of their lives. Our main goal is to solve issues that may arise concerning family matters, such as a divorce or an inheritance. We also help them deal with issues coming from the professional area, such as lawsuits, or even some pleasant situations such as purchases and sales of real estate and personal property.

Facing some of these situations can be not only stressful, but quite expensive. That is why we aim to address your legal requirements with an experienced, efficient and cost-effective service at the same time we provide quality advice and an uppermost confidential treatment.

Keep your steadfast law firm in Torrevieja close. We count on more than fifteen years of experience assisting domestic and international clients. You can read about their positive experience on our website. We are located in the residential area of Los Balcones in Torrevieja, province of Alicante, España which allows us to see clients not only from that area but also from Orihuela Costa, given their proximity.

We specialize in areas such as criminal law, family law, urban planning and inheritance law. We draw together law experts from different areas of specialization to walk you through the necessary steps in each case scenario. Moreover, we offer a wide range of packets which can be adapted to any specific need and budget.

Along these fifteen years of experience, we pride ourselves at working with international clients as we specialize in services for non-resident clients. We rely on a multilingual team of experts that can provide the needed assistance in a practical and flexible way. From English to Polish, we can offer our services to a great deal of international clients.

Your Lawyers in Torrevieja

Ever since our establishment, our groups of lawyers in Torrevieja have helped clients purchase a property whilst taking care of this strict process. Moreover, we have helped them make a profitable sale of said properties. We have assisted non-resident clients get a tax representative and provided them with legal representation in matters of criminal law, including strategic assistance and sensible defense of our clients. We have guided and successfully drawn up prenuptial agreements and carried out processes such as divorces with great integrity.

Last, but not least, we have great experience in international inheritance processes and we have resolved most intricate situations given the different nationalities of the parties involved. As for this matter, we offer an integral service making sure it is our office and team the ones who bring all the necessary documentation together. That way, our clients will only worry about signing the final documents.

We know how delicate family matters can be and the emotional and financial challenges that may arise. Our team of family lawyers in Torrevieja will work together to support you and your family through any stage of key moments at the same time they aim to protect your family and provide you with the best family law advice that keeps your best interests a priority. Compassion, integrity and clear strategies are the grounds we work on.

  • You may consult our team of specialists concerning adoption paperwork.
  • We can draw up a prenuptial agreement in order to protect your assets.

Do you need to draft a will and set your affairs in order? Do you need advice on the paperwork and details of an inheritance? Our inheritance lawyers in Torrevieja can walk you through all the steps to follow and help you make decisions that will assure the right outcome for you and your family.

It is of great importance that a legal expert is involved in, not only drafting and interpreting wills and, but also notary matters, taxes, records and some other elements that are required to properly carry out an inheritance process.

Since inheritance is often a lengthy legal process, our team of experts can help you at any point of it.

Evictions, mortgages and similar situations involving properties may be difficult to go through and cause a great amount of stress. Furthermore, a strict procedure must be followed. That is why it is important to hire a professional lawyer specializing in evictions who can guarantee the best possible outcome for you. Our team of eviction lawyers in Torrevieja can provide the advice that best fits your situation and make sure all the steps are taken correctly.

If you require legal advice and assistance, come to one of our offices and we can talk about what you are going through. We can find the best legal answer together, the best fit for your needs.

As you know, time is of the essence in some cases and we have the perfect professional and the perfect solution waiting for you. If you require further information or advice about any of these and other areas from our group of specialized lawyers, please come to our office in Torrevieja. We are able to guarantee integrity, effectiveness, cost-effective solutions and confidentiality along the entire process.

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