If you are in need of an Inheritance expert to assist you, look no further, at Lopez Morueco Abogados we have the right team for you. Our offices are located in Torrevieja, in the province of Alicante and all the team will be pleased to work on your case.

With a professional and dedicated experience of over fifteen years, we specialize in family law, including inheritance matters. As lawyers in the field, we understand how intricate some family matters can be, especially when there is loss involved. In spite of that, we believe it is important to have a compassionate, but aggressive lawyer by your side, someone who can see both human and legal aspects from an objective point of view in order to provide rightful and efficient solutions.

Every lawyer at Lopez Morueco Abogados will serve as defenders and dependable counselors for you and your family. Our priority is to provide you with cost-effective and practical solutions for the long term before and after the process itself. We mainly aim at decreasing the need for litigation at the same time we increase the quest for strategies to work along with every party involved.

Inheritance experts at our law firm are ready to provide the legal advice you need and the effective and professional answers you are seeking. With an inheritance lawyer from Lopez Morueco by your side, you will be able to trust us with all documentation so that we can fully and correctly carry out the inheritance process. All along the way, from the first meeting to the completion of the process, the experts you will work with will be devoted to understanding your particular case to implement creative and competent planning. Your and your family’s goals come first to us.

Inheritances, donations, mediation between heirs and the right care for elders during their final years. We can take care of that and more. Read all about our integral services in the following section.

Our Inheritance services

However big your estate is, you or the elders in your family will probably want to take care of it before departure. The best way to set things right and in order is by hiring a professional and experienced inheritance lawyer that can counsel you on the different possibilities you may have in face of this situation. Even if the destination of the estate was not set on record before death, a dedicated lawyer will come in handy when handling the rightful inheritance between all the parties involved.

Among our services, you will find assistance and legal advice for every possible scenario.

The inheritance lawyers in our offices can walk you through the process of donation, by means of which you can voluntarily transfer your estate without many considerations. Why is it necessary to have a trusted lawyer in this case? Because depending on what constitutes your estate, you will have to pay for the costs of said transfer. Besides, you can ask your lawyer to draw a contract or agreement between the parties for the division of the assets.

In addition to this, an inheritance lawyer from Lopez Morueco can assist the elders in your family by drawing a last will and testament. This instrument, drawn upon the careful and practical counsel of a righteous professional, will prevent future rifts between heirs to appear. However, if needed, our lawyers can also work as mediators between the parties in order to avoid litigation.

Moreover, with the help of our team, who specializes in working with international clients, you will be able to carry out international processes of inheritance. And lastly, we can walk you through the process of inheritance of a business.

The whole team at our law firm are proud to be professional, independent, reliable and trustworthy lawyers. Considering family matters can bring up conflict and disputes, we provide an integral service: a comprehensive study of your personal and unique situation, a gentle treatment of everyone implicated in the case, a thorough research and a timely presentation of creative, practical and long-term solutions.

Our team will work side by side with you, providing you with honest counsel and informing you of the smallest details every step of the way. In sensitive matters as these can be, we base our work on trust and dependability between the professionals and the clients, trying to surpass their expectations.

We relish in our integrity, and the sense of transparency that our clients demand and require. Besides, we acknowledge the singularity of each family and, therefore, each case. And that is why we always go above and beyond the call of duty, because we understand that the pursuit of justice is only half the work we have to do. We are humans working with humans, we understand that in delicate situations, only candid and constructive advice should be offered.

Ultimately, our service guarantees a strategic use of resorts and time at a reasonable cost making sure our client’s demands are met and satisfied and the sensitive information discretely handled.

The team at Lopez Morieco is already at the beck and call, ready to prove efficient and proficient in our areas of expertise.

Do not hesitate in contacting us if you are in need of an inheritance lawyer to assist you with negotiations, donations, last wills and testaments or inheritance processes. Book a consultation and meet our team of professionals, they will make sure you feel heard and leave with all the information you need to carry out the process you request.

We are ready to answer all your questions without any kind of commitment on the follow-up of your case. Remember we offer reasonable costs and a variety of payment methods. Come meet us in Torrevieja, Alicante, and let us handle your case, you won’t regret it!

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