López Morueco Lawyers is a law firm in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.


Our specialties are the transactions of real estate transactions, civil and criminal law, divorces and custodians as well as inheritances.


My name is Ruth López Morueco, a lawyer who is a member of the Orihuela Bar Association under number 1595; I have 15 years of experience, as I was previously a member of the Madrid Bar Association under number 78344.

I graduated in law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I began to work as a lawyer, practicing in courts throughout Spain for more than eight years.

Seven years ago I moved to Torrevieja, in Alicante, Spain, where I opened my own office, under the trade name of López Morueco Lawyers.

Our office is located in the Residential Zone of Los Balcones in Torrevieja, which allows us to serve both clients of Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja, for the proximity between both towns.

At López Morueco Lawyers we are specialized in Family law, Inheritance. Criminal law, Conveyancing services, and Urbanism law; our clients being mostly foreigners, as we specialize in services to non-residents.

At López Morueco Lawyers we can serve our clients in both English and Polish.

Since the opening of the office, we have successfully helped many foreigners to acquire a property in Spain, informing them of all the legal aspects of the transfer of real estate, registration checks and payment of taxes. In López Morueco Lawyers we also take care of the after-sales service of the property, as well as the fiscal representation of the non-resident citizens.

López Morueco Lawyers also assists clients who need the services of a lawyer to initiate legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal, including assistance to the detainee and criminal defense for having been accused of a crime.  We specialize in family lawsuits, such as divorces, pension claims, disabilities, separations, etc..

On the other hand, we offer a wide experience in international inheritance processes, having solved the most complex successions, given the different nationalities of the deceased and the heirs. In this regard, a complete service is offered to the client, so that it is the firm that collects all the documentation and is responsible for all the formalities, so that finally the beneficiary of the inheritance only has to sign the public document that allows him/her to take possession of the deceased’s assets.

The services offered by the firm are complete and competitive, adapting to the circumstances of the client, to whom payment facilities are offered.

It would be a pleasure to help you solving your legal issues.

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