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What is a succession? When a person dies, their assets and rights are transferred to the corresponding heirs. The process begins with obtaining the death certificate and ends with the delivery of the possesions and rights. Types of succession.

  • There is will: Before the death and through the will, the person distributes his assets and rights (partially or totally) so that his legatees receive them after his death.
  • There is no will: In this case there is no testament (or has been declared null). The closest relatives will be called to inherit and the Declaration of Inheritors will be mandatory as Will be granted at the Notary.

At Lopez Morueco Lawyers we will guide you in the process of your family member’s inheritance, either in a friendly or contentious manner, whether it is national or international.

At López Morueco Lawyers we can help you to prepare your will whether you are a national or a foreigner. We Will study your national law, and the options you may have to choose between your own law and the spanish one, and wich situation is more suitable for your case.

Inheritances in Spain are complex, and when the deceased is a foreign citizen the complexity is even greater. It is vitally important to have the services of a lawyer with expertise in inheritance who is in charge of the documentation, taxes, notarial processing, etc. . . to guarantee the correct formalization of the inheritance.

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