At López Morueco Lawyers we cover the management and processing of all legal and administrative aspects related to immigration and nationality files and permits issued by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administrations. Among other services, we offer the following:

– Residence visas for investors, both for the acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment of 500,000 euros or more, as well as for business projects to be developed in Spain and which are considered and accredited as being of general interest (Golden Visa).

– Non-Profit Residence Authorisation, intended for foreigners not resident in Spain who wish to be authorised to reside temporarily in Spain without carrying out work activities.

– Authorisation and residence permits for family reunification.

– Residence authorisation due to roots and other exceptional circumstances.

– Authorisation of residence for work.

– Authorisation of stay for studies, research or training.

– European Union Citizen Registration Certificate.

– Residence permit for non-EU family members of EU citizens.

– Residence renewals: We carry out all the necessary procedures to be able to renew your documentation, so that all you have to do is go and put your fingerprint on it.

– Return authorisation for those foreigners who wish to leave and return to Spain, but whose expected return date is after the expiry date of their card.

– Foreigner’s Identity Number (N.I.E.).

– Processing of applications for nationality.

– Processing and management of aliens’ files.

– Sworn translation of documents: We carry out the legal translation of your documents in all languages.

Non-profit residency visa is a type of residency for citizens of third countries that gives permission to reside in Spain, but not to carry out professional or work activities. This type of visa can be applied for by citizens of non-EU countries or countries to which EU legislation applies and which enjoy free movement and residence rights. In order to obtain non-profit residence, it is necessary to go through two stages:

1. Visa application at the Spanish Consulate in the country of habitual residence.

2.Entry to Spain with a visa and application for a physical residence card at the Police Station in the place of residence in Spain.

Before submitting the application and documentation at the Spanish Consulate, it is necessary to make an appointment, one for each family member. The visa application is submitted in person. Applications for minors are submitted by the parents or legal guardians, providing documentation. Applications through an accredited representative with power of attorney are accepted only for justified reasons. The period of 3 months is established for the resolution of the visa application file, the period is counted from the date of submission of all required documents, as the Consulate reserves the right to request additional documentation or a personal appearance of the interested party. In the event of a positive decision by the consulate, the applicant must receive the visa in person within one month from the date of notification.

Non lucrative residence documents required for the visa application:

1. National visa form, filled in and signed.

2. A recent passport photo with white background.

3. Valid passport or a travel document recognised as valid in Spain. It must be valid for at least one year and have at least two blank pages.

Photocopies of all pages of the passport are required.

4. Proof of payment of the established fees. If your application is rejected, the fee will not be refunded.

5. Those over 18 years of age must provide a certificate or certificates of criminal record, issued by the country or countries in which the applicant has resided in the five years prior to the visa application.

The certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

6. Public or private health insurance arranged with an insurance company authorised to operate in Spain. In the case of private insurance, the applicant must present the general and particular conditions of the insurance, as well as proof of payment of the corresponding fees.

7. A medical certificate, which must be worded as follows: “This medical certificate declares that Mr/Mrs (…) does not suffer from any of the following conditions. (…) does not suffer from any of the diseases which may have serious public health consequences, as defined in the International Health Regulations 2005”.

The medical certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and may be requested at medical centres in Spain or in other countries.

8. The financial means necessary to cover expenses during the stay and, where appropriate, those of family members for one year, in accordance with the following amounts:

o For maintenance of the applicant, on a monthly basis, 400% of the IPREM (Indicativo Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples), which in 2021 is 564.90 euros.

o For the support of each of the dependants: 100% of the IPREM per month.

The availability of sufficient economic means will be accredited by the presentation of documentation (bank certificates, pay slips, employment contracts, rental contracts, pension payments) that accredits the receipt of regular and sufficient income or the possession of an asset that guarantees this income. Income may be received in euros or in another currency.

9.In the case of an application for a residence visa for family members, it is additionally necessary to present a marriage certificate or partnership registration and, in the case of descendants, a birth certificate.

In the case of minors who are going to live in Spain with only one parent, a notarised authorisation from the other parent or an official document proving sole custody is required.

All official documents (civil registration certificate, criminal record certificate, documents justifying custody) must be legalised. Documents in a language other than Spanish must be translated by an official translator. At the time of submission of the application, you must bring all original documents and copies of all documents to be checked against the originals.