Divorce and Pensions

Do you want to start your divorce?

At Lopez Morueco Lawyers we will help you to start your divorce looking for the best outcome and taking care of your personal requestments; we accompany the client trough process in order to achieve the best conditions.

What forms of divorce are there?

The divorce can be of mutual agreement or contentious:
Mutual agreement: The spouses will present the Regulatory Agreement together with the divorce petition before the corresponding court for its ratification and approval.
Contentious: There is no agreement between the spouses, it is the Court that will dictate the ruling by determining the measures derived from the declaration of divorce.

Who can initiate the divorce procedure?

The divorce procedure can be initiated at the request of only one of the spouses, at the request of both spouses or at the request of one with the consent of the other (meeting the deadlines and requirements established in the Civil Code).

What terms and requirements are necessary to apply for a divorce?

The only deadline to take into account to request a divorce is that a minimum of 3 months have passed since the marriage was celebrated. Are you getting divorce? Do you have problems with the child pension or visitation, do not hesitate to consult us.

Divorce and child custody are unpleasant processes, in which having an expert family law attorney is essential.

Over the years at López Morueco Lawyers we have gained invaluable international experience and can work with to provide the following services:

Divorce and separation advice.
Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.
Matrimonial financial regimes.
Child Custody & maintenance
Child abduction issues.
Agreements for couples who live together but are not married.
Enforcement of Court Orders in Spain.
Freezing orders.
Civil Partnerships.

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