LÓPEZ MORUECO LAWYERS is a generalist law firm that provides legal advice with judicial cases, besides of being expertise on inheritance and real estate cases.

Criminal Law

Do you need a criminal lawyer? Have you ever been accused of a felony? Call us! We are expertised criminal lawyers.

Civil Law

Civil Law is to be understood as the set of legal rules, which make up the general private law.


Do not hesitate to consult our services to manage your inheritance, probate, will or testamemt case.

Divorce and Pensions

In López Morueco Lawyers we will help you to process your divorce in a simple way, and we will study the economic aspects of it.


At Lopez Morueco Lawyers we advise you in the purchase and sale of your new home in an efficient and independent way.


At López Morueco Lawyers we cover the management and processing of all legal and administrative aspects related to immigration and nationality.