Although it is true that it is not necessary to use the services of an expert lawyer in conveyancing, it is also true that it is highly recommended,  since it is the only way to guarantee the safety of the operation.

An independent and experienced lawyer at real estate conveyancing  will advise you independently to the real estate agents, and with the utmost rigor and professionalism.

Although the real estate agency can be professional and serious, they may not fully understand all the requirements that are presented, such as payment of taxes to the Spanish Tax Agency, management of the Plusvalia, detailed study of the registration situation of the house, cancellation of pre-existing debts, cancellation of the mortgage that taxes the house, legalization of extension works, etc …

A lawyer will offer you all his experience and knowledge of the real estate sector;  as a general rule the commercials that work in the real estate do not know everything about the legal demands that come attached to the conveyancing of a property.  A lawyer is constantly kept informed and updated to better serve his clients.

A lawyer will manage all the documentation of the operation, and draft a sales contract that suits your needs, and most importantly, will accompany you throughout the process, giving you a personalized service adapted to each of your circumstances; Any questions or concerns that may arise can be resolved and obtain the peace of mind that all clients deserve in this type of operation.

A lawyer with experience in urban planning and Real Estate trades, will give you the guarantee and security that deserves such an important occasion in life, as is the purchase of a home abroad.

Many new buyers believe that not hiring the services of a lawyer will save money, and in many cases, the cost of repairing the errors of the sale process are much higher, than what a lawyer would have charged, that,  if it is possible to correct the problem.

Do not hesitate it and hire a lawyer to take care of the management of your home purchase, and worry only about enjoying such an exciting time.

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Ruth López Morueco.

Lawyer at López Morueco Lawyers.