At any given point in life, people almost necessarily have to deal with real estate. Whether it is a purchase or a transfer, selling or renting a property, the process can be a bit much for inexperienced people to figure out on their own. Moreover, the lack of information usually means wasting time, and even worse, money. For that matter, our law firm, located in Torrevieja, in the province of Alicante, has gathered a group of ever-updated, multidisciplinary and multilingual lawyers ready to offer quick and effective solutions for your problems and wishes.

Have you been dreaming of buying a family house in Spain? Are you making plans to purchase a new property? Do you wish to start a new business in the area and need to rent a place? Or maybe you need assistance with some paperwork related to the taxes of your estate. If that is your case, rest assured: our team is here not only to walk you along the conveyancing process, but to see it through with transparency and effectiveness. You can trust us with your estate and the necessary documentation, we offer nothing but a personalized service that guarantees our international clients the best possible outcome.

More than fifteen years in the field back up our experience working with international, foreigner and even non-resident clients that wish to establish themselves in the area. We are a proficient team of independent experts and we are prepared to give informed and professional advice especially in the field of real estate. From a clear explanation of the process, checking all the documentation to registering the deed, our team will be with you all along the process. Find out what services we provide in the field of conveyancing and hire the suitable professional for your situation.

Our conveyancing services

Dealing with real estate, either through a process of conveyance, purchase or transference, is not an easy deal. However, hiring a conveyancing lawyer will guarantee a successful and secure operation. Our conveyancing experts are ready to assist you with any of the steps to follow. Among the services we offer, you can hire a lawyer in our team to get an estimate of the total cost of the transaction and check the status of the property.

Considering the process, the lawyer will take care of the taxes, the notary and the registry fees. In addition to this, our team can help you obtain a license for construction together with a housing certificate.

In the same way, the professionals at our law firm can help you get a verification of the property and of the fiscal value of the house for tax purposes.

To ensure transparency and efficiency, our clients can request that our conveyancing lawyers draw a private contract between the parties involved and get assistance when signing the purchase contract. Moreover, we also provide the service of assistance in the signing of the notary to see the completed purchase through.

After the purchase, you can trust our lawyers to register the property title in the appropriate Land Registry or, if needed, make sure the relevant authorities are notified of any change in the ownership of a property.

Last, but not least, you can hire our team to draw a power of attorney and to take care of the direct debits for public services or any taxes that may apply to these processes.

One thing is certain: when hiring López Morueco, you get an integral service.

Honesty and transparency are the values that describe us best. Moreover, we understand that, as foreigners or non-residents, our clients need the expert they hire to go the extra mile to ensure a positive outcome and we are here to serve that purpose. As lawyers working with this kind of clients, we understand that a relationship based on trust and reliance needs to be our first priority.

Dealing with real estate demands a high sense of responsibility, integrity and, necessarily, transparency. Seeking professional help and advice from an experienced conveyancing lawyer will help you get the legal aid you require, at the same time you achieve your goals and make a smart use of your money. The knowledge of a professional in this area guarantees that all your questions will be answered in a straightforward way and with one goal in mind: meeting all of your demands.

Every situation, every family, every scenario is different and we treat them as such making sure you receive the quality and honest advice your case demands at the same time we try to provide a cost-effective service. Moreover, our team works with the utmost discretion and confidentiality these kinds of matters request. You won’t only get objective advice, your personal information will be protected and secured.

Along with our many years of experience, we pride ourselves with an updated, well-informed and objective team we have gathered to work and ensure the protection of your estate.

Our lawyers at López Morueco are more than ready to take your consultation to provide nothing less than excellence. If you need advice on these matters, do not hesitate to contact us to set up a meeting. Our experts will tell you all about our competitive service. In addition, we offer plenty of payment facilities as we believe assistance has to be our first and foremost priority. Save money and time and trust us with your aims. We are ready to take on the challenge, get hands on deck and help you solve your legal issue with the integrity that characterizes this law firm.

If you have any further questions about the services we provide or the payment methods available, do not hesitate to reach out. We will be pleased to work with you!

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