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If so, at López Morueco Lawyers we can help you to fulfil your dream, safely and with legal guarantees.

Once you have decided to buy a property, whether you are happy with the price, location or nearby services, it is time to check that the house meets all the legal requirements, thus avoiding disappointment.

López Morueco Lawyers will help you avoid hidden traps and make the decision not only with your heart, but also with your head, and based on documentation previously studied by your lawyer.

Whether you have decided to buy an off-plan property, a newly built property, a bank property or a resale property, there are a number of precautions to be taken into account. In López Morueco Lawyers we will help you in any case, and we will answer all your questions and concerns.

Let’s start by studying the new construction:

If you have decided to buy a brand new home, it is advisable to have the services of a specialized lawyer with sufficient experience in the field. At López Morueco Lawyers we have been helping foreigners to fulfil their Spanish dream for fifteen years.

We will work with the Real Estate Agency to protect your interests, we will draw up the contract of sale, we will check that the property has been built with all the permits from the Town Hall, and we will guide you until the signature at the Notary’s office.

Second hand property:

If you have chosen to buy a second-hand property López Morueco Lawyers will check a series of elements that are fundamental, and that will prevent your dream from being crushed.

1.- We will check if the seller is the legal owner.
2.- If the property has all the permits.
If the housing has loads, such as a mortgage, debts of social security, doubts with treasury, with the Local Administration, etc..
If the house has all its elements declared correctly, Swimming pool, Garage. Solarium.

The so called Reposseion Properties are very tempting houses, as they have a lower price than usual, but they require more caution.

In these properties it is necessary to bear in mind that they are sold without registration of supplies, so in López Morueco Lawyers we would take care that both the electricity and the water are registered in your name, without taking charge of any debt that could have been left by the owner who stopped paying the mortgage.

Off-plan properties are those that have not yet been built, but already have a building licence.

The advantage of buying a home that has not yet been built is to be able to decide on the finishes and design. In López Morueco Lawyers we would help you in this point as well.

But beyond the aesthetic issues, there are others that are transcendental for your safety. Let us not forget that in this type of purchase the buyer advances money to the developer on account of the price of the future home.

1) It is vital to be sure that your money is correctly guaranteed by the bank that receives it. López Morueco Abogados will ask for the bank guarantees, and if the promoter does not have them, he will explain the consequences that this could have.

2) They would check if the construction project was correctly registered at the Town Hall.

Do not hesitate, once you have decided on your ideal house, contact López Morueco Lawyers we will take care of everything. We will prepare and take care of every legal aspect of the process in order to arrive at the signature at the Notary’s office in the best conditions, and we will continue working for you once you are the owner. We will pay the taxes associated with the sale, update the details in the Community of Neighbours, register the property in your name, etc.

López Morueco Lawyers will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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